2nd September 2016

The meaning of life


What is the meaning of human life?

Dear friends, let’s think about the meaning of life that many people are now trying to find.thinkman2
Some people believe that the meaning of human life is to earn as much money as possible, to have an expensive car, a house and a tidy sum in the Bank account.
Others think that the meaning of human life is the care of their health and always beautiful, stylish, and sporty look.
Some believe that the meaning of life can be found in a family, like to get married, to have children, to educate them and then to provide them with a brighter future.
Other people are trying to find the meaning of life trying to divine the mysteries of the universe, examining various religions and teachings, trying to find the hidden meaning of being in the occult practices, at the techniques of the psychics, magic, the search for aliens, the cleaning of karma, and so on. The list is endless!
Many people try to find the meaning of life in entertainment, drunkenness, chanced sexual relations, drugs, unchecked fun, and just leading a fast life.
There are lots of ways, but none of them will give you the real answer to “what is the meaning of human life”. Only some of the time you may be happy, but soon again you’ll begin to realize that something is missing.
Why can’t I find the meaning of life in such ways?
We don’t keep money, power and property with us after death, besides, here on earth they can be destroyed with a natural disaster, a default or be stolen by robbers.
Even if we constantly take care of our health, anyway, sooner or later, we’ll die. Beauty, youth and power are also temporary and short-termed concepts. Even athletes can suddenly fall ill and die from incurable diseases being pretty young.
Family, children, husband and wife – all this, of course, is invented by God, but for some reason nowadays people don’t come in to create a strong marriage. The marriages break apart under the weight of domestic problems, quarrels, curses, and faithlessness. Single-parent families and children who do not know their parents –such examples are the realities of today.
Occult practices do not bring happiness either. Having got a beloved or having found a healing from an illness in magical way, suddenly people begin to find out big problems in other areas of their lives. Turning to magic (and it doesn’t matter whether it’s white or black), divination, the rituals you let the dark forces to come into your life. Bible says that all sorts of magicians, sorcerers, diviners, causing the dead, psychics and everything that has anything in common with the occult is an abomination to God. It’s also written in Bible that their fate is in a fiery sulfur lake that is hell.
“Fast life” only leads to the loss of health, alcohol and drug dependency, venereal diseases and psychic wounds. The result is single that is unwillingness to live. Lots of rich and not so rich rakes, having not found the meaning of life in their unchecked fun, they just suicide.
   Who gives meaning to life?
When we see an invention or a new thing for us, who can we ask how to use it? That’s right, the one who invented it! The same answer is with the question of the meaning of life. It is possible to learn it from someone who has given us this life – God.
Many believe that God actually exist and some don’t. People are looking for God in “their understanding” of the Supreme mind, in the supernatural, in the observance of rituals and ceremonies… But God is real, He is a living God, He is the Creator of everything that surrounds us. He created this world, He is our Creator and only He knows the correct answer to the question “what is the meaning of life?”
Perhaps you doubt the existence of God. Then here are a few arguments:
It is 2016 AD outdoors ! Even if you are an unbeliever, you live this epoch every day from the birth of Jesus Christ.
Each person has a conscience which is the manifestation of God in us. Conscience tells us what is right and what is not, just if we do not suppress its voice inside of us.
You may say that God has never been seen? But the wind and the radio waves have neither been seen. We just feel the movement of air and we can talk on the phone.
This world is amazingly beautiful and harmonious: seas, forests, rivers, mountains, animals, birds and fish — nothing could appear without the Creator, of itself. Using probability theory, scientists calculated that the probability that everything came by itself is trillions times less likely that Someone has created everything. Taking into account all the factors, the probability that all appeared by itself, by accident is less than 0,000 000 001 %!!! All around could not come because of a random chemical combinations, as well as a poem won’t come from a random connection of letters.
The world could not come from a random chemical combinations, as well as a computer program could not come from the arbitrary connection of zeros and ones. Programs were created by man, just as the world was created by the Creator — God.
God’s plan.
The Lord created this world; He placed the first humans in the Garden of Eden. But people sinned and they had to leave the paradise they lived in. After that people were born sinful in nature, in the image of their ancestor — Adam. You’ve probably noticed that even small children do bad things and not obey their parents? The question of sin is manifested throughout a person’s life. As Bible says “there is no one righteous, not even one”.
But the Lord loves people and according to His abundant mercy He sent to earth His only begotten Son — Jesus Christ who died on the cross of Calvary for the forgiveness of our sins. He was sinless and He voluntarily became a sacrifice for our sins.
  For as in Adam all die, so in Christ all will be made alive. (1Cor.15:22)
A man gains its meaning of life when he learns the truth, receives salvation and the gift of eternal life, when the heart turns pure.
There’s emptiness inside every person who do not take Jesus in heart, and nothing can fill that emptiness. Except the Creator: not magic, not money, not friends, nor family… God will give you a new meaning, a new view of the world, happiness and peace in your heart.

LIFE – education, development; work; health; family; social activity; leisure

Is that the meaning of life?